I don’t hold cities responsible

I started my first blog about 4 years ago when I was a student in Paris. It didn’t work out. Here’s why.

It was supposed to be about my romantic (and if lucky, erotic) adventures as a blossoming 18-year-old girl. Before getting into all the romantic city crap, let me tell you one thing. You have to be way above average to ever get a French guy to approach you randomly. Le Divorce, you fooled many girls into thinking they would receive free Hermes bags from dark and charistmatic French men (also fooled them into thinking they could get away with Kate Hudson’s bangs).

I am proud to say that I was about average. My eyebrows had never been plucked and I painted my eyelids blue with my Sephora eyeliner. I was still a child.

But that’s not the only reason my blog didn’t work out.

I did not know anything about the opposite sex or actually, sex in general. I was a late bloomer. I had not even been kissed yet…

I spent a lot of evenings watching how-to-French-kiss-so-that-he-won’t-know-you-are-a-kiss-virgin videos on youtube in my Catholic dorm room. (Yes, I lived with sisters.)

For years I believed that I was out of place. French guys’ indifference didn’t make it easier (I’m not blaming them). I thought I was ugly, fat and undesirable. Little did I know that these thoughts would change soon and I would be offered a modeling position by a friend. I’d like to think that my transformation was successful but the blue-eyeliner, velvet-skirt girl would always stay with me. (And no, I did not lose weight. On the contrary, I gained)

Long story short, I decided to give blogging another try. I have changed, so has my location. I am going to try to share moments from my new life in  New York City but I will always be that awkward 18-year-old in Paris.

P.S. A few years later, a guy asked me if I was interested in being featured in his blog. When I asked about the content, he answered

“I am writing about the sexual encounters of a young man in Paris”

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.



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